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In this scene from Luke’s Redemption, Katya and Luke are at Sing-Sing Prison where they have been visiting with Katya’s father…



I was huddled against the wall in the bleak hallway when Luke stepped out of B126. He glanced quickly around and then his gaze landed on me. I was shivering, the tremors coming from deep inside me. He moved towards me.

God, he’s beautiful.

His extraordinary eyes had turned so dark they were nearly black. Caught up in their liquid intensity, I didn’t realize he was up against me until I was engulfed in his arms. He tucked my head into his chest, his large hand combing through my hair. His other arm wrapped tightly around my back and he held me. His warmth seeped through my clothes and I loosened my arms and slid them around him, curling my hands around his shoulders. And then I hung on and breathed him in.

There was an insistent cough from the direction of the exit gate. Looking up, I saw the guard shuffling impatiently. I smiled up at Luke and whispered, “I think he wants us to go.”

Luke’s hand slid from behind my head to cup my cheek. His thumb moved gently across my lips and he muttered, “Yeah, let’s get outta this hellhole.” Sliding his hand down my arm, he threaded his fingers through mine and led me out.

He didn’t let go. Even when the last gate clanged shut behind us and we stepped out into the noon sun, his hand was still curled around mine. But as soon as we were outside, his stride lengthened and I had to skip to keep up. I didn’t mind, I was as eager to leave as he was. We neared his SUV and he tugged me closer, letting my hand go to wrap his arm around my shoulders.

“We need a drink, babe. It’s tequila time.” He winked down at me.

My lips quivered, wanting to smile. I squinted back at him. “Uh, Luke. I don’t really like tequila. I’m more of a bourbon kinda girl.” I bit my lip. “Is that okay?”

His head tipped back and he burst out laughing. He still held me close and I felt his laugh rumble through me. Turning me to fully face him, he combed his hands through my hair, and then cradled my face. Urging me upwards, he forced me to lean against his hard body, up on my tiptoes. His mouth hovered right up against mine. “Bourbon’s good, babe,” he said huskily. “Bourbon’s real good.”

Then his hands smoothed back to tighten in my hair and his lips covered mine. His tongue sank into my mouth and curled playfully around mine, before sucking it back into his mouth. My body bucked and reality faded as heat inflamed me. I pressed hungrily closer to him, pushing against his delicious hardness. My fingers dug into his shoulders and he groaned into my mouth.

“Christ!” He lifted his head and pulled roughly on my hair. His breath filled the space between us. I forced my eyes open. I loved his intensity. “Bourbon’s calling, babe, let’s go,” he muttered against my lips.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled up outside a liquor depot and Luke switched the ignition off.

“Where’s the bar?” I looked around, seeing nothing that vaguely resembled an acceptable drinking hole.

One foot already out the car, Luke turned back to me. “No bar, baby. I’m getting a bottle and we’re checking into a motel.”

“W-what?” I spluttered.

Leaning intently towards me, Luke’s gaze locked on my face. “I need you, Katya. Not sitting across from you in some sleazy bar, tossing back bourbon. I need to be naked with you, buried inside you. I need to feel your fucking gorgeous hair sliding over my skin as my cock sinks into your hot, wet mouth.”

I sat frozen.

Oh my God!

I could actually feel my body igniting, tingles flaring up, everywhere!

“You have a problem with that, Katya?” Luke demanded.

My jaw locked open and I gaped at him.

On no! I’m gawping like a goldfish.

I snapped my mouth shut and swallowed. And swallowed again.

Luke continued to lean right into my space, his eyes roving from my shocked gaze to my suddenly dry lips. Yikes! He wasn’t going to move until I gave him some sort of response. I blinked to clear my befuddled brain and wet my lips. His eyes darkened to liquid black.

Oh man!

Rubbing my suddenly damp palms on my jeans, I managed to get a semblance of an answer together. “Umm. No, no problem, Luke. I’m uh, umm, I’m fine with that.”

He stared darkly at me for a moment longer, then, his lips twitched and he said gently, “That’s good, baby, that’s good that you’re fine with that. Now, while I’m buying bourbon why don’t you give Lily a ring and check in with her. Let Mira know we’ll be back by nine tonight. Okay?”


I’m such a sap!

At that moment he could have asked me anything and I would have said ‘okay!’

What was with that?



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