Ramos Gin Fizz

A Sublime Cocktail Treat

Also known as a New Orleans Gin Fizz, the Ramos Gin Fizz is the sublime cocktail Katya is treated to at Cochon on her first dinner date with Luke. Seduced by his potent sensuality—and several sips of gin!—she is completely taken with his undercover persona, Michael Clark. (No more spoilers, you’ll have to read the book.)

This cocktail first appeared in New Orleans in the late 1800’s. The credit for its creation is given to Henry C. Ramos of NOLA’s Imperial Cabinet Bar. The legend goes that by 1915, the drink’s popularity grew to such a large scale, that over twenty bartenders were required to mix-and-shake well past the midnight hour. This increased to thirty-five during Mardi Gras.

It’s creamy like a Pina Colada, but the coconut is missing. Instead, you revel in citrus, sugar and vanilla. All the things that make you think of lazy holidays, sultry nights, and not following the rules!

Excerpt from Luke’s Redemption: Katya sips on her delicious Ramos Gin Fizz…
‘My Ramos Gin Fizz was sublime—a combination of gin, lemon and lime juice, egg white, sugar, cream and surprisingly, orange flower water. All topped up with soda water to add a sparkle. Without much delay, our shared starter arrived—fried alligator bites served with chipotle mayo and a chili garlic aioli that had a slow, creeping heat. Biting into the tender alligator and sipping on my delicious Gin Fizz, I was hyper aware of Michael who was seated close to me, his knee frequently rubbing against mine.’

Here’s how to make a Ramos Gin Fizz

You Need
A shaker
A strainer
A long glass
Patience and strong arms for shaking!

3 parts Dry Gin (Use the best you can afford)
1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
1/3 part sugar syrup
2 dashes orange flower water
3 drops of vanilla extract
1 egg white
2 parts cream
Sparkling water


Add all ingredients—except the sparkling water and ice—to a cocktail shaker. Shake hard, until you can’t shake anymore!
Have a short rest …. add several cubes ice and shake again.
When it’s good and frothy, strain into a pretty glass and add sparkling water.
You can garnish with a slice of orange for sophisticated lunch, a sparkly bauble if it’s Christmas, an umbrella if you’re spreading holiday-cheer … you get the picture.

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